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No matter how messy it is, we do the best.

Domestic Window Cleaning:

We Clean all Domestic Properties Windows not just the glass, but also the window frames and sills included. We believe that just cleaning the glass  is not enough.

​Using a Water Fed Pole System for Exterior windows on houses, flats and bungalows, giving a much brighter and cleaner finish.

​We still use the traditional method of window cleaning to clean interior windows.

We also clean conservatories of all sizes and shapes. Including ‘self clean glass’ which still needs a helping hand from time to time!

We offer regular cleans ranging from weekly to quaterly.

Our dedicated customer service team are here to pre book cleans to suit you putting an end to a ‘sorry we missed you’ slip through the door and providing a unique personal service.

Commercial Window Cleaning: 

With the HSE introducing legislation that ladders should only be used for low-risk, short duration work, the use of ladders is becoming increasingly outmoded.

​Pure water pole systems are set to become a industry standard, and offer a viable alternative to the use of ladders.

​Even if the property or place of business doesn’t merit the use of ladders for window cleaning, we feel sure that you will be more than impressed with the superior results that the water fed pole system produces.

Fascias, Soffits and Gutter Cleaning:

We Clean Facias, Soffits and Gutters to our highest quality making them look bright and like new.

​We use our water fed pole system to clean them, with use of a pressure washer for the more stubon cleans. If we pressure wash them first we only use Pureified Water so it leave no water marks.

​We can also use the pressure washer to clean drive ways, walls, buildings, swimming pools or anything else that needs a good clean. We would require your normal garden hose for this operation.

Gutter Vac:

The Gutter Vac is the best way to clean out your gutters. They will always get filled with leaves, moss, mud sand which will trap the water and then eventually poor over. The Idea of gutters is to move the water away from the building to stop damp caused by wet walls.

We usually use gutter vac on all jobs when cleaning facias, soffits and gutters. There is no point if they look good but not doing their job.

​With out the use of ladders or scalfolding this process can be the most efficant and cost effective way to maintain your gutters.

When we turn up to clean hoover out your gutters, we only need the use of the hosehold electricity and complete deposal of whatever is in your gutter is taken away by us.

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